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If you are expecting a new baby then you are probably well aware of the different ‘must have’ items on the shelves at Babies R Us.

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Every mum will have a different product that they ‘swear’ by and after browsing through the aisles and speaking to friends with babies, you may be thinking that you need every single item on the shelf. But, in reality, this is not the case. Below is a breakdown on some of the current baby accessory trends and whether you will benefit from each one:

Baby Rockers, Bouncers and Swings

Confused about what bouncer, rocker or swing to buy to lull baby to sleep? The truth of the matter is, simple snuggling often will do the trick but every mum will have different stories to tell you about each product. Try to hold off buying any of these ‘must have’ items until you have your baby. Then, test drive a few items from friend’s and see what works for your newborn. Furthermore, always check online for second hand swings and rockers. These items will usually only last for the first six months and then you will need to find a place to store them or resell.

Baby Carrying Devices

You will need something to carry baby in, whether this is a stroller, a sling or a carrier. Having a stroller can make things a lot easier but sometimes newborns simply won’t sit in a stroller and would rather be in your arms. If you do have a newborn that needs constant snuggles, then a sling is a great way to ‘wear’ your bub and get the housework done at the same time.

Feeding, Changing and Bathing Equipment 

Feeding a newborn can be extremely easy, if you are fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed. You already have all the equipment you need two breasts. One other good option for breastfeeding mums is to look into a breast pump as well as one or two bottles. Even if you are bottle feeding, you don’t need to go overboard on items. You will require bottles and formula but many mums find that a steaming steriliser, bottle warmer and travel accessories are really not necessary. Hold off on buying any baby bumbos, booster seats or high chairs until baby is at least able to hold her head up.

Newborn Baby Accessories | Stay at Home MumYou may also notice that there are countless baby baths on the market. You can easily wash your newborn baby in the bathtub or even in the sink; if you do want to spend the extra money, then you can bathe your newborn in a special bath but filling it up, cleaning it and storing it day in and day out can get old pretty fast.

And what about a change table? For many mums, a change table is necessary, especially as you need a place to store your baby’s nappies, creams and other changing necessities. However, it is possible to save money and simply buy a change table mat to pull onto the floor when it’s time for a change. This all depends on your budget and the space in your home.

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